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For several months I had been looking for a smaller lathe – something of the Sherline variety – that would be more comfortable to work with at higher spindle speeds. I knew a little about the Taig lathe, but for some fickle reason I didn’t seriously consider it until later in the process.

2009-5-26 · Making T-nuts for the Taig Mill T-nuts are a handy and easy to make accessory for the Taig milling machine. The nuts that Taig supplies work just fine as far as keeping your work piece in place goes, but they sit way down inside the slot, and can be hard to see when you're setting up a work piece. Adjustable Toolpost for Taig Lathe: 7 Steps (with Pictures) 2016-9-11 · Adjustable Toolpost for Taig Lathe: I bought a Taig lathe recently and am quite happy with it. However, some of the accessories are rudimentary so I like to make some modifications so that it is more user friendly.My first idea is to remake the toolpost. The simple Taig toolpost is Standard Dimensions of Sherline Tools – Sherline Products Standard Dimensions of Sherline Tools Click the tab links below, across the page, to access the various specifications. Machine Specifications; Table T-slot centerline distance (lathe and mill) 1.5″ T-slot nominal dimensions** **Note: The T-slots are extruded into the material. Table surfaces are machined for flatness, but the slots ... Tooling Around: Taig Lathe Tailstock Modifications Taig Lathe – Tailstock Modifications. Here are the two modifications: a ball handle for the ram and one for the attachment to the lathe bed. The former is more comfortable on the palm of your hand. The latter is much quicker to use than a wrench. I've provided some dimensions along with the descriptions.

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Taig Tools - Desktop Milling Machines and Lathes. Quality desktop milling machines, lathes and chucks, otherwise known as micro mills and micro lathes. Our equipment is small in size but not in construction! We provide large oversize spindle ball bearings and use heat treated alloy steels for various stressed components. Being an aerospace manufacturer for over 18 years our machinists know the importance of cross slide back-lash compensation

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A T slot cutter would also work and that could be held by the lathe chuck. Another tool that you might be able to easily find is a dremel HSS cutter that looks very similar to a woodruff key seat cutter. I'm assuming that you are using a milling attachment mounted on the cross-slide to hold the shell holder? Bed clamps for Emco PCMill - modelenginemaker.com

The #2 priority was to make the motor and electronics behind the lathe as protected and low profile as possible. The Taig lathe bed, headstock, and carriage/cross-slide are all loaded with dovetails and T-slots, and I envisioned all sorts of polished and anodized tooling and accessories hanging from my new Swiss army lathe.

I've wanted DRO for my Taig micro lathe for a few years now. I decided to roll the dice with iGaging scales and remote digital readouts. I've read mixed reviews, but the price is pretty low risk at about $85 for three 6" scales of eBay. T-Slot Bolts availability? | NAWCC Message Board